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Quick response circuit design, high detect speed, high sensitivity

Adapt to various environmental and regional water quality

Low power consumption, battery-powered use two years at once

The cable has a ruler scale to measure the water level directly

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GLT500A Water level meter is the new patented products . The new integrated circuit board design and development . With the function of polarization resistance excitation circuit and corrosion-resistant electrode to effectively prevent the electrode oxidation rust, keeping long-term  sensitivity.Water level meter can be widely used in water conservancy project , hydrology, geography, environmental protection and other areas of industry and agriculture fields ;

GLT500A Drilling Well Depth Water Level Meter

The water level meter is made of the probe, steel ruler and reel .Put the probe to the water slowly, when the probe touch the surface of water , the electric potential will be happened . After dealing by circuit board . the sound or light will be indicated , then you could check the height between the surface of the water to the groundeasily operating .



Shell material

ABS, Metallica

Shell color

orange,blue, yellow, silver gray, white

Measurement range


Battery power

9V lithium battery

Instrument for temperature


The response time for output


Measurement error


Adaptation range of water quality


Measurement signal

LED, buzzer, electricity meter

Construction of cable


conductor: Multi-strand tinning copper wires twisted

Ecderon: Special PUR or PE mixed

Ecderon color : natural color

Rated voltage


Testing Voltage


Insulation resistance


Flame retardant


Temperature range


GLT500A 鋼尺.jpg

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