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Diffused silicon piezoresistive sensor

Probe into the liquid level measurement, installation is simple and convenient

Multi protection structure design, high protection ability

LCD optional

Acceptable OEM custom

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 GLT500 Submersible water level sensor has high accuracy, small volume,stability,plus resistance to abrasion,oil,acid,alkali and high intensity gas lead cable ensured that it can meet the different occasions level measurement requirements.



 It is widely used in sewage, river and lakes treatment as well as water\oil tanks ,channel, large rivers, l reservoirs and coastline monitoring.

 Safety certification,
 Explosion proof certification 

 CE certification

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Measurement Range 0...200mH2O
Pressure type
Gauge   Absolute
accuracy0.25%F.S,   0.5%F.S
Stability 0.2%F.S
MaterialProbe:stainless steel          Housing:304/316L /Titanium   alloy 
Signal output4~20mA      0/1~5VDC    0~10VDC   0.5-4.5VDC    80mv
Power supply12~36VDC     5V
Certification Explosion proof certification.    CE certification.   Safety certification
Compensation temperature





Submersible Water level Sensor

Submersible Water level Sensor

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