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  • Why is it recommended that the sensor be used with the transmitter?

    Transmitter can transform the sensor signal into standard 4-20mA signal. anti-interference ability, suitable for 0-100m within the signal transmission, and more easily accepted and collected.
  • In whicn situation should the load cell be selected for use with the junction box?

    The main function of the junction box is to summarize the signal and adjust the angle difference.As a multi-sensor system, the output of each sensor is different, which can be adjusted by the adjustable resistance in the junction box to achieve equilibrium.
  • Dose the sensitivity of micro-parallel beam load cell (1mv/v) can be increased to 2mv / v?

    If you Want to improve the sensitivity,we have to thin the Strain beam.When the srtain beam thinner,the stiffness of the load cell is reduced.
  • What’s the meaning of sensitivity of the load cell?

    For example 2.0±0.002mv/v. In the case of the excitation voltage is 1v, when the sensor is subjected to full-scale pressure, its two outputs will have a pressure change of 2mv.
  • How do I measure the sensitivity of the load cell?

    (Output voltage at full load - output voltage at no load) / excitation voltage = sensitivity. First measure the output voltage of the load cell when the no-load condition is measured,second Increase the weight and record the full-scale output voltage.
  • What are the application fields of dynamic torque sensor?

    Dynamic torsion is a precision measuring instrument for measuring various torques, rotating speed and mechanical power. It is mainly used in motor, engine, internal combustion engine and other rotary power equipment output torque and power detection.
  • What is the default output of dynamic torque sensor?

    Principle: Using strain gauge electrical measurement technology to making strain bridge is formed on the elastic shaft, then the electrical signal of the elastic shaft can be measured by providing power to the strain bridge. After the strain signal is amplified, it undergoes pressure/frequency conversion and becomes a frequency signal that is proportional to the torque. It can be sent to the computer for data processing directly without AD conversion. Torque: frequency signal, output 5KHz - 15KHz) Speed: pulse signal, 60 pulses in a circle
  • What devices are connected on each side of the rotating shaft of dynamic torque sensor?

    One side: A power device for measuring speed , such as a fan or high-speed rotation device. Another side: A load device for measuring torque (also called magnetic brake).
  • What should be confirmed with customer before ordering the dynamic torque sensor?

    1. What is the range and speed of the torque sensor? (The speed unit=RPM=RPM/min) 2. Whether both of torque value and speed value should be measured or not? If it be confirmed,configure the transmitter or the three display instrument, such as GSI309. 3. The dynamic torque matching Transmitter needs to know if customer wants to measure both of two sides (forward and reverse).
  • The power supply and output of dynamic torque sensor GTS100

    The power supply of GTS100 is 24V and the default output is the frequency signal. If customer needs analog output signal should be confirmed if it is electric current or voltage. The default of it is 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA, also this part can be customized. The speed measured is no forward or reverse,but the The torque needs to confirm the forward and reverse direction. For example: two-way test, current output: 12±8mA\voltage output:0±10V.
  • According to the output demand of GTS100, it has different scheme

    A. In general, this product could receive the pulse signal when it connects PLC or equipment and it could be use directly. B. Customer should purchase dynamic torque sensor and transmitter if it receive the analog signals. (1) If only measure one of the rotation value or torque value, then the transmitter should be selected one inlet and one outlet type(Large range can be built in, small range should set up outside.) (2) If it measures both torque value and rotation value, so selects 2 inlets and 2 outlets transmitter(only choose external transmitter). C. If customer needs display, then matches three display instrument to show range, speed and power data.
  • How to select range of torque sensor?

    To be sure to confirm "What is the maximum measured value?" with customer before select the range. In general, customer will choose the large range, but actually we haven't encounter any approach or overloaded situation, so just follow the normal actual use of range to confirm the product and let the customer choose the suitable range.
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