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.The products are made of alloy aluminum

.Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65.surface anodized and anti-corrosion.

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GPB100 Beehive SMS weighing scale single point load cell 100kg


1.The products are made of alloy aluminum;

2.Hermetically sealed with glue to IP65, surface anodized and anti-corrosion.

3.integral structure and easy installation;

4.Suitable for electronic counting scales, platform scales and other small size electronic weighing devices.

What is specifications of GPB100 single point load cell?


Range (KG): 3, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, 120

Accuracy: C2/C3

Temp. effect on span (%F.S/10℃): ±0.02/± 0.014

Comprehensive error(%F.S): ±0.02/±0.017

Temp. effect on zero (%F.S/10℃): ±0.03/±0.017

Rated output (mV/ V): 2.0±0.2

Compensated temp. range (℃): -10~+40

Creep (%F.S/30min): ±0.02/±0.017

Operation temp. range (℃): -20~+60

Zero balance (%F.S): ±1.0

Excitation voltage (V): 9-12(DC)

Input resistance (Ω): 405±10

Safe overload (%F.S): 120

Output resistance (Ω): 350±3

Ultimate overload (%F.S): 150

Insulation resistance (MΩ): ≥5000(100VDC)

Ingress protection: IP65

What is the GPB100 single point load cell outline ?


How about the dimension of GPB100 single point load cell?

 photobank (1).jpg

How about the load instruction of GPB100 single point load cell?


How to use GPB100 single point load cell?



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