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  • What are the general characteristics of electromagnetic flow meter?

    Electromagnetic flowmeter can not be used in measuring gas, steam and liquid contains a lot of gas. It can be used to measure the liquid that electrical conductivity can not less than 5μS/cm, not suitable for measuring the liquid medium of low conductivity, like distilled water, petroleum products, or organic solvents etc. Due to the limited by temperature measuring of pipe insulation lining materials, the current industrial magnetic flow meter can't measure the high temperature fluid. Magnetic flowmeter measurement principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, so vulnerable to the influence of electromagnetic interference from the outside.
  • What are difference between the working flow condition and standard flow condition of gas medium?

    Standard flow condition: Regulations in our country the standard of the gas state is 20 ℃, 0.101325 MPa. The fluid flow in the standard state is defined as the standard flow condition. Working flow condition: Except the standard state under the pressure and temperature of the flow can be considered as working flow condition. Conversion formula: Standard flow condition=Working flow condition*(working pressure bar/kg +1) Such as, The nitrogen pressure is 7 bar under the normal temperature, working flow condition 10m3/h is equivalent of?standard flow condition 80Nm3/h. Nm3/h is the unit of standard flow condition. Standard flow condition=10*(7+1)=80Nm3/h
  • Which flow meter is suitable for measuring diesel fuel oil?

    Preferred oval gear flow meter, oval gear flow meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, thermal, textile, paper and other industries, for diesel, gasoline, oil, crude oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, heavy oil and high viscosity oil liquid medium, and corrosive liquid measurement. It belongs to a kind of volumetric flowmeter, has a wide range, excellent accuracy, small pressure loss, strong adaptability, can measure the high temperature viscosity viscous liquid, easy to install. Second can choose liquid turbine flow meter, if it is used in food, beverage and other health demanding industry, can be recommended to use health type liquid turbine flow meter, using liquid turbine flowmeter to pay attention to the viscosity of oil cannot be too high, too easy to paste the turbine flow meter inside.
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter installation method and attention?

    The installation method of ultrasonic flow meter: V method and Z method. As for the clamp on type sensor, <DN200mm installed with V method, >DN200mm installed with Z method; As for insertion type sensor, no matter how big it is diameter, are generally installed with Z method; Ultrasonic flowmeter plug-in probe installation emphasis: Choosing installation point is very important, distance = diameter - 10 mm; Insertion probe is general with ball valve, the base, the factory default is ball valve open, drill, openings for take out, close the valve; and then install the sensor probe, open the ball valve.
  • What medium turbine flowmeter is suitable for measurement?

    Turbine flow meter is only commonly used for measuring cleanliness higher medium, Turbine flow meter is only commonly used in single-phase fluid of low viscosity.
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